ISN Competition        

ISN Competition 

The Labex DigiCosme is organizing the ISN competition each year in partnership with the Rectorat de Versailles. It is open to all high schools of the Académie de Versailles, which offer the ISN option. This event is an opportunity to create links between secondary and higher education. In addition, educational material (robots, tablets, arduino) given to the winning high schools strengthen computer teaching in secondary schools.

Every year, during the awards ceremony, sponsors share their feedback.

1 - Ongoing call

7ème Édition - 2019
The teachers in charge of the ISN speciality can submit their students projects. The terms and conditions are on the web page :

Keep in mind :
  • Declaration of participation before june 14 2019.
  • Submission of projects before june 28 2019.

2 - Prévious éditions

6ème Édition - 2018
  • Topic : Création et Innovation
  • Sponsors :
    • Olivier Debeugny : Founder and Chairman of Lingua Custodia since 2012, a company that applies Machine Learning to financial translations,
    • Alice Guilabert : Student in 3rd year at Télécom SudParis, option Video Games and Digital Interactions and Collaborations,
    • Sudents in Bio-Informatique – Mélissa SaichiThomas BersezTina Issa – Télécom SudParis.
  • Number of projects : 45
  • Participating schools : 19
  • Geographical of high schools
  • Winners 2018
  • Award Ceremony : October, 6 2018 at Centre Étoile Télécom Sud-Paris
  • Program of the award ceremony
5ème Édition - 2017
  • Topic : Les Femmes de Science
  • Sponsors :
    • Marie-Claude Gaudel, Director of the association"Femmes & Sciences" and Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Paris-Sud. She received the silver medal from the CNRS in 1996,
    • Aroua Biri, Doctor in cybersecurity at the Institut Mines-Télécom and reservist at the French Ministry of Education, she is an expert in cybersecurity and big data. She is currently working as Director of Cybersecurity Consulting for CGI's Financial Services entity.
    • Nacira Salvan, Doctor in computer science, she is involved in all strategic and organizational aspects of cybersecurity. She created the Women's Circle of Cybersecurity to promote and advance women's presence and leadership in this field.
  • Number of projects : 40
  • Participating schools: 19
  • Geographical of high schools
  • Winners 2017
  • Award Ceremony : October 2017 at l'Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines
  • Program of the award ceremony
  • Press release
  • Article on website Académie
4ème Édition- 2016
  • Topic : personnalités du monde du numérique
  • Sponsors :
    • Serge Abiteboul, Member of the Academy of Sciences since 2008, Inria,
    • Rodolphe Gélin , Director of Research & Development SoftBank Robotics,
    • Jean-Louis Pierrel, IBM University Relations
  • Number of projects : 22
  • Participating schools : 13
  • Winners 2016
  • Award Ceremony October, 8 2016 à l'Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines
  • Program of the award ceremony
3 Édition - 2015
2ème Édition - 2014 - Fêtes de la Science
1ère Édition - 2013 - Fêtes de la Science