Master Scholarship program        


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Each year, Labex DigiCosme offers Master scholarships in the area of Computer Science or Communication. Up to 30 grants may be allowed for 2016 academic session. Scholarships are available for students who wish to enrol on a Computer Science or Communication Master course at Université Paris-Saclay with the medium term aim of pursuing a Phd.

Who can receive one?

Any student accepted into a Master programme in the field of Computer Science and Communication operated by one of Labex DigiCosme's partners.

The main criteria for selection will be the quality of the academic record.

Grant and cursus

The Labex DigiCosme grant is 12000 € for one academic year, managed by the school or university the student is enrolled in.

The Master 1 grant can be continued by a Master 2 grant, subject to passing the exams.

  • Labex DigiCosme grant cannot be cumulated with any other grant.
  • Travel and tuition fees are not included in the scholarship.

Labex DigiCosme Scholarship recipients have to follow their master program in one of Université Paris-Saclay institutions. This includes the internship. The scholarship will be suspended for the time spent elsewhere in France or in other countries.

Students who receive the grant are associated a tutor from Labex DigiCosme's scientific community, as a guide through their studies.

Which courses are concerned ?

  • DigiCosme Master Scholarship program covers the Computer Sciences and Communication Master courses of Université paris-Saclay opening the path to a Phd. Other related Courses (Bioinformatics, E3A, Mathematics) may also propose applicants with consistent profile in Computer Sciences.

  • All Computer sciences Courses are eligible to the program. Thoses courses are divided in 6 topics : big data management, human-computer interaction, fundamental computer sciences, complex systems, networks and security.

  • Courses related to other Masters (Bioinformatics, Engineering, Mathematics) may also be eligible. The list of those is currently being updated.

Main courses eligible to the programme

Courses mainly in english
Nom anglaisAcronymInstitutions DigiCosmeSupervisor(s)E-mail
M1-Computer ScienceM1-InformatiqueInstitut Polytechnique de ParisSamuel Mimram, Maks Ovsjanikovsamuel.mimram@lix.polytechnique.fr
M1-Computer ScienceM1-InformatiqueUniversité Paris-SaclaySandrine Vialsandrine.vial@uvsq.fr
Algorithms and Foundations of Programming languagesAFPUniversité Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de ParisGilles Dowekgilles.dowek@ens-paris-saclay.fr
CybersecurityInstitut Polytechnique de ParisOlivier Levillainolivier.levillain@telecom-sudparis.eu
Data & Artificial IntelligenceDataAIInstitut Polytechnique de ParisLouis Jachiet et Goran Frehsegoran.frehse@ensta-paristech.fr
Computer Science for NetworksCSNInstitut Polytechnique de ParisStéphane Maag(M2), Natalia Kushik(M1)stephane.maag@it-sudparis.eu
Human-Computer InteractionHCIUniversité Paris-SaclayOuriel Grynszpanouriel.grynszpan@u-psud.fr
Cyber Physical SystemsCPSInstitut Polytechnique de ParisSergio Moversergio.mover@polytechnique.edu
High Performance Data AnalyticsHPDAInstitut Polytechnique de ParisFrancois Trahayfrancois.trahay@telecom-sudparis.eu
Interaction, Graphic & DesignIGDInstitut Polytechnique de ParisEric Lecolineteric.lecolinet@telecom-paris.fr
Parallel and Distributed SystemsPDSInstitut Polytechnique de ParisGael Thomasgael.thomas@telecom-sudparis.eu
Artificial IntelligenceAIUniversité Paris-SaclayIsabelle GuyonIsabelle.guyon@lri.fr
Parallel and Distributed Computer SciencePDCSUniversité Paris-SaclayJanna Burmanjanna.burman@lri.fr
Advanced Networks and OptimizationANOUniversité Paris-SaclaySteven Martinsteven.martin@lri.fr
Big Data Management and Analytics BDMAUniversité Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupélecNacera Bennacernacera.bennacer@centralesupelec.fr
Multimedia networkingMNUniversité Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de ParisMihai Mitrea, Sahar Hoteitmihai.mitrea@telecom-sudparis.eu
Optical communications & Photonics SystemsROSPUniversité Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de ParisCedric Ware, Mounia Lourdiane, Nicolas Dubreuilcedric.ware@telecom-paristech.fr
Advanced Wireless Communications SystemsSARUniversité Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupélec Mohamad Assaadmohamad.assaad@centralesupelec.fr
Embedded systemsSETIUniversité Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, CEAAlain Mérigot, Christine Pareyalain.merigot@u-psud.fr
Machine learning, communications, and securityMlCASInstitut Polytechnique de ParisAslan Tchamkerten, Mireille Sarkissaslan.tchamkerten@telecom-paris.fr
https://www.ip-paris.fr/maste-2-virtual-augmented-reality/VARInstitut Polytechnique de ParisMarius Predamarius.preda@telecom-sudparis.eu

Courses mainly in french
Nom anglaisAcronymInstitutions DigiCosmeSupervisor(s)E-mail
M1 - Herbrand - ENS Paris SaclayM1-HerbrandUniversité Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris SaclayDavid Baeldebaelde@lsv.fr
M1-Computer ScienceM1-UVSQUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinFranck Quessettefranck.quessette@uvsq.fr
Bioinformatique et Biostatistiques BIBSUniversité Paris-SaclayLESPINET Olivier olivier.lespinet@u-psud.fr
M1-Computer ScienceM1-InformatiqueUniversité Paris-SaclayJ. C. Janodetjanodet@ibisc.univ-evry.fr
Algorithmique et Modélisation à l'Interface des SciencesAMISUniv. Versailles Saint QuentinDominique Barth, Sandrine Vialdominique.barth@uvsq.fr
Operational ResearchMPROUniversité Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, Institut Mines-TélécomsSourour Elloumi sourour.elloumi@ensta-paristech.fr
Data Management in a Digital WorldDataScaleUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinPhilippe Pucheral, Zoubida Kedad philippe.pucheral@inria.fr
Security of Contents, netwoRks, Telecommunications and SystemsSeCReTSUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinLouis Goubinlouis.goubin@uvsq.fr
Network and System EngineeringIRUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinMourad Guerouimourad.gueroui@uvsq.fr
GENomics Informatics and Mathematics for Health and EnvironmentGENIOMHE Université Paris-SaclayNathalie Boudet, Fariza Tahinathalie.boudet@univ-evry.fr
Data ScienceDSUniversité Paris-SaclaySilviu Maniusilviu.maniu@lri.fr
Computer & Network SystemsCNSUniversité Paris-SaclayNazim Agoulminenazim.agoulmine@univ-evry.fr
Biologie Computationnelle - Analyse, Modélisation et Ingénierie de l'Information Biologique et MédicaleAMI2BUniversité Paris-Saclayolivier.lespinet@u-psud.fr
M2 Genomics Informatics and Mathematics for Health and Environment GENIOMHEUniversité Paris-SaclayMme TAHI Fariza fariza.tahi@univ-evry.fr


For more information, please, visit the website of Université Paris-Saclay.

How to apply ?

Students must apply to the chosen master through Université Paris-saclay's website.

Every student accepted into one of the eligible masters may be put forward for the scholarship. It is up to the master's supervisors to decide which students to put forward. Labex DigiCosme does not accept direct applications from students.

Several evaluation sessions will be organised from March to June. For each session, a deadline is set. Applications received after this deadline will be studied on the next session (except for those arriving after the last deadline, which will not be examined). Check the Agenda section to know the deadlines.

NB : supporting Documents

Students wishing to apply for the grant should first complete the application file of Université Paris-Saclay for their chosen master. Should their file be put forward for the scholarship, they may be asked to provide some more documents (letter of recommendation, further explanation on their motivation).


Students are strongly advised to carry out an internship within Labex DigiCosme's partner laboratories and to continue with a phd after completing their master.


Three evaluation sessions will be organised from March to June. Students applying to the Paris-Saclay scholarship program (international students under 30) will need to complete the Paris-Saclay procedure (currently being updated). The deadline for other applications is june 6, 2016.

Students applying to Paris-Saclay the Paris-Saclay scholarship program (international students under 30)
  • First session : February 29- résults end of march
  • Second session : May 17- résults end of june

Other students who are not eligible to the Paris-Saclay scholarship program
  • June 6 - résults end of june

Contact :


NB : Please, read carefully the following FAQ before mailing us. We receive many questions regarding the program and will not answer those which are answered there.

  • Q : What is the difference between Paris-Saclay's and DigiCosme Scholarship programs ?/ A :Paris-Saclay scholarship program is open to international students under 30 accepted into any of the Paris-Saclay masters. DigiCosme program is open to French and foreign students accepted into one of the eligible masters in Computer Science or Communication. The terms and conditions differ only slightly.

  • Q : I'm not sure if my profile is eligible to the program / A : If you are eligible to one of the courses listed (see "eligible courses" section), you may be put forward for the DigiCosme Scholarship. Relevance of each application will be evaluated by the master's supervisor.

  • Q : I graduated in Computer Sciences and wish to apply to the Scholarship, what should I do ? /A : Candidates should first choose a course among those listed (see "eligible courses" section). It is up to the master's supervisors to decide which students to put forward for the scholarship; Labex DigiCosme does not accept direct applications from students.

  • Q : I can't login to apply, what should I do ? / A : For your application to be taken into account for the scholarship, you need to choose a course among those listed (see "eligible courses" section). It is up to the master's supervisors to decide which students to put forward for the scholarship; Labex DigiCosme does not accept direct applications from students.

  • Q : What does the Scholarships include, besides the financial support ? /A : digicosme% offers a 12000 € grant covering one academic year. The grant is directly operated by the enrollement school or university. Please be aware that, rent, travel, and enrollment costs are not included in the scholarship.

  • Q : What should I do ar my arrival in France ? / A :All questions related to your firsts steps at the University will be answered by your enrollment university or school. Please, get in touch with your contact person there.

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