Research day 2014

July 2 2014

July 2nd was devoted to SciLex and ComEx action lines.

Organizers :
  • Christine PAULIN (SciLex)
  • Philippe SCHNOEBELEN (SciLex)
  • Samson LASAULCE (ComEx)


9h00-9h15 : Welcome & croissants
9h15-10h45 : JOINT SESSION SciLex-Comex : La théorie des jeux, un outil transverse
  • Samson Lasaulce, L2S : (Tutorial) "Jeux dynamiques et applications aux réseaux de communication"
  • Laurent Doyen, LSV : (Tutorial) "Partial-Observation Games: Introductive tutorial"
10h45-11h15 Coffee break
11h15-12h45 : Parallel Sessions
  • SciLex-1 (chairwoman: Stéphanie Delaune) : Safe and reusable distributed programs
    • Guillaume SCERRI (LSV+LORIA) "Automating the computationally complete symbolic attacker"
    • Salim PERCHY (LIX+INRIA) "Distributed Spaces in Concurrent Epistemic Systems with Applications to Social Networks"
    • Romain AÏSSAT (LRI) "Infeasible paths detection for imperative programs"
    • Lucca HIRSCHI (LSV) "Partial order reduction for the applied pi-calculus"
    • Thomas GIVEN-WILSON (INRIA) "Computation, Communication, and Secrets"
  • Comex-1 : Network information theory and coding
    • Emil Björnson (Supélec),"Multi-Objective Optimization: The Way to Balance Conflicting Performance Metrics in 5G Networks".
    • Ejder BASTUG (LTCI et Supélec),"Cache-enabled Small Cell Networks: Modeling and Tradeoffs".
    • Azary ABBOUD (Supélec), "Asyncrhonous Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers applied to the DC-OPF Problem".
    • Gil KATZ (Supélec), "TBA soon".
12h45-14h15 : Lunch
14h15-15h45 : Parallel Sessions
  • SciLex-2 (chairman: Alexandre Chapoutot) : Continuous and discrete systems: models and verification
    • Sameh MOHAMED (LIX+LSV) "Stabilization of switched systems"
    • Michael BLONDIN (LSV+U.Montreal) "Handling Infinitely Branching WSTS"
    • Adel DJABALLAH (ENSTA ParisTech) "Computing Barrier Certificates with Interval Analysis"
    • Pierre ROUX (LRI + ONERA) "Computing Quadratic Invariants"
    • Antoine JAOUEN (TPT) "PDP 4PS : Periodic-Delayed Protocol for Partitioned Systems"
  • Comex-3 : Terminal centric design of networks
    • Olivier BEAUDE (LSS et RENAULT Technocentre) : "Design of algorithms and information exchange protocols for electric vehicles charging using game theory".
    • Kinda KHAWAM (PRISM) : "Game theoretical framework for distributed ICIC".
    • Kai YANG (LRI) : “Energy-efficient resource allocation for downlink in LTE heterogeneous networks”.
    • Nassar KSAIRI (LTCI),"Optimisation de ressources dans un réseau ad hoc avec système de retransmission (HARQ)"
15h45-16h15 : Coffee break
16h15-17h45 :
  • SciLex-3 (chairman: Burkhart Wolff) : From high-level to low-level certification
    • Mounir Assaf (CEA) "Domaines abstraits pour l'analyse quantitative de flots d'information"
    • Stefania Dumbrava (LRI) "Toward data intensive systems certification"
    • Alexis Bernadet (LIX) "Non idempotent-intersection types to refine strong normalisation with quantitative information"
    • Frédéric Tuong (LRI) "Formal Meta-Programming in Isabelle: The case of UML Class Diagrams"
    • Yakoub Nemouchi (LRI) "Modeling and Model-based Testing of an RTOS-Kernel"


PUIO, bât 640 : Domaine de l'Université de Paris Sud, IUT d'Orsay, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
GPS : Latitude : N +48.710303 | Longitude : E +2.173099

For those who are not used to the place, someone will be waiting wednesday, july 2nd at 8h20 am on the walkway at RER Massy-Palaiseau station. The person will be carrying a sign announcing 'DIGICOSME Research Day' and will go with you to the designated location.
How to come to Plateau du Moulon :
  • Access by public transportation (Plan your journey)
  • Access by car
  • MAP